Writing blog posts here

Here are some tips and tricks on how to do add blog posts to https://fluxcd.io.


Coming from Google Docs

Often we draft posts in Google Docs. To transform them into Markdown, you might want to

  1. Save as Microsoft Word document (.docx).

  2. Transform into Markdown by running

    pandoc -i blog-post.docx -f docx -t markdown -o blog-post.md
  3. You will need to tidy this up, but it should be a good start.

Adding your post

  1. Add your post to this directory. If you don’t intend to add images or other media to it (see below), you might want to go with naming the file <date>-<post-slug>.md, e.g. 2022-02-22-security-fuzzing.md.
  2. Add Front Matter to your post file.
    • Must haves: Make sure to define author, date, url, title, description.
    • Date: Make sure date is not in the future, or it won’t show up. :-D
    • Optional: Fields like aliases (if you mistyped a URL), tags, resources are optional.
    • Tags: Common tags we use are monthly-update and security.
    • Aging well: Posts are automatically marked as ‘outdated’ and receive a warning at the top advising the reader to check if information hasn’t changed in the meantime. If your post is special and will stay accurate over a long time, use evergreen: true in the Front Matter.

Adding images

  1. Create a directory for the post where you have images

  2. Call the markdown file <date>-<post-slug>/index.md

  3. Copy your images into <date>-<post-slug> as well

  4. Add

    - src: "**.png"
      title: "Image #:counter"

    to the Front Matter.

  5. Make sure the image you want to be featured (on the blog list and in socials), is called featured-<something>.jpg - should have featured in its name.