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June 2021 update

Flux 0.14 and Flagger 1.11 with lots of new features, KubeCon talks galore, Flux at CNCF Store, lots of Flux adoption. Flux governance 6 month review.

As the Flux family of projects and its communities are growing, we strive to inform you each month about what has already landed, new possibilities which are available for integration and where you can get involved. Read last month’s update here.

Let’s recap what happened in May - there has been so much happening!

Newest Flux release

With the 0.14 release of Flux we added a number of big features to Flux.

The highlights are:

  • We replaced the Flux monitoring stack with Prometheus Operator and kube-prometheus-stack.
  • Support for a wider range of SSH key formats (CLI)
  • Send Flux events to Azure Event Hub (notification-controller)
  • Support for a wider range of OpenPGP key formats (source-controller)
  • Reduce the memory usage when cloning repositories with large files (source-controller)
  • Support for including the content of app repos into the main config one (better alternative to git submodules and kustomize remote bases) (source-controller)


If you are entirely new to Flux, check out our get started guide. If you are on an older version of Flux, check out our migration documentation.

Flagger 1.11 is here

Over in the Flagger project, since our last blog the versions 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11 were released and they bring a number of nice new features and improvements.

1.9.0 came with improvements to the Gloo Edge integration:

  • Starting with this version, Flagger no longer requires Gloo discovery to be enabled. Flagger generated the Gloo upstream objects on its own and optionally it can use an existing upstream (specified with .spec.upstreamRef) as a template.
  • Also: Adjusted Nginx ingress canary headers on init and promotion

1.10.0 comes with support for Graphite metric templates, additionally:

  • ConfigTracker: Scan envFrom in init-containers
  • e2e: Update Istio to v1.10 and Contour to v1.15

⚠️ Flagger 1.11.0 comes with a breaking change: the minimum supported version of Kubernetes is v1.19.0.

This release comes with support for Kubernetes Ingress The Ingress from is no longer supported, affected integrations: NGINX and Skipper ingress controllers.

KubeCon round-up

KubeCon 2021 Europe happened in early May and the Flux team was happy to represent. If you entirely missed the event, here are a couple of links we’d like to share:

These are recordings of talks which were given by Flux maintainers.

We were also present at the Flux booth at the CNCF Project Pavillion. This was new for us and we really enjoyed being part of this. A number of Flux maintainers and community members were at the virtual booth to meet and greet, answer questions and do impromptu lightning talks - we watched some of the keynotes together and shared feedback.

We had a fantastic time, laughed a lot and were pleased to learn more about how everyone uses Flux in production and how folks can start getting more involved in our community. Thanks everyone for supporting us at KubeCon!

The CNCF Flux Store is up

Flux at CNCF Store

As one of the perks of reaching Incubation status within the CNCF, there is now a Flux section in the CNCF Store. If you are looking for a new hoodie, new socks, a birthday present or anything else, please sure to check out

If you have fully re-clothed yourself in Flux things, be sure to share a pic on our Slack channel!

(Learn more about the store and where its proceeds go here.)

Our community is growing

Flux Adopters

We finally built a nicer home to show off who all is part of our community:

From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies many have accompanied us for a couple of years already, quite a few migrated to the latest of Flux and quite a few use Flagger.

If you use any of the Flux projects in your organisation, please consider adding yourself as well: instructions can be found here.

Thanks a lot everyone who already added themselves - your support means a lot to us! 💖

Upcoming events

It’s important to us to keep you up to date with new features and developments in Flux and provide simple ways to see our work in action and chat with our engineers.

We are very happy to be part of a big event that will definitely be worth your time: an entire two-day conference about the newest developments in the GitOps world with Keynotes from Justin Cormack (CTO, Docker), Katie Gamanji (Ecosystem Advocate, CNCF), and Lei “Harry” Zhang (Staff Engineer at Alibaba Cloud).

09-10 Jun 2021 - GitOps Days 2021

Sign up for it today, share it with your friends far and wide. It’s a free event!

Check out our calendar section for more upcoming and links to recordings of past talks.

In other news

Reviewing Flux Governance

More than half a year ago we established our Flux Governance document. The idea behind it was to formalise our values around community, the roles and responsibilities and processes; many of which had been transparent and with our full integrity, but still quite ad-hoc up until that point.

For us it’s time to review this together with our Community and Contributors docs. So we are turning to you for feedback: please let us know what you think. What was your experience up until now? Do you feel things are clear enough?

We are striving for a great contributor experience, so your feedback on all of the above is going to make a difference.

Representing Flux and Flagger at CNCF

The CNCF does a great job of informing the world of its member projects and we just made sure to update all relevant information, branding and logos. If you ever need to borrow our logos, colours or any other info for a presentation or something, check out the CNCF CI/CD Landscape, the Flux and Flagger branding or our entry on the list of CNCF projects.

Over and out

If you like what you read and would like to get involved, here are a few good ways to do that:

We are looking forward to working with you.