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Flux Bug Scrub Announce

We are starting the Flux Bug Scrub initiative. A great way to help out in the community and get started by learning more about Flux and interacting with user issues!

What is the Flux Bug Scrub

In the past months we have had many folks reach out to us and ask where they could get involved, make their first steps in the Flux community and give back in a way.

We started looking around and got inspired by a concept from SIG Node (who in turn were inspired by SIG CLI) over in the Kubernetes community. For us, a great way to get started, is to learn more about Flux through direct experience, when e.g. trying to reproduce issues reported by other Flux users, and the general business of chopping wood and carrying water. The Flux Bug Scrub is born.

Here is how it works

Show up at the appointed time, if you can. The first Bug Scrub is

  • June 30 12:00 UTC, 8:00AM ET.
  • Meet at #flux on the CNCF Slack,

we will provide a Zoom link closer to the event time.

We will have one or more contributors with triage access in attendance, and attempt to review each issue in the target group. (The targets will vary by week, or by event date, as this will be a recurring event on some TBD schedule.) A key goal is to figure out if a given issue can be reproduced, and report our findings. Some issues don't provide enough info to get us all the way to reproduction, so we may ask more questions and wait for the submitter to respond.

If someone present wants to volunteer to follow up an issue, we will make an assignment then. If all we can do is read the thread once and confirm that labels are still correct, (or fix them up when they were not) then it will be providing a valuable service to Flux maintainers and the community at large. A process will be demonstrated to avoid backtracking from week to week and maximize coverage. This is not a race to close the issues, but if an issue has received no reply and it looks like the submitter has lost interest, it could be closed.

Here’s what you need

  • A web browser
  • a GitHub account
  • the Google Drive spreadsheet app
  • a user on the CNCF Slack
  • have the Zoom app installed and up to date

before you arrive, and bring your burning desire to get to know more about Flux through reviewing open issues and PRs in the queue.

We are performing a service for the Flux project by reviewing open issues and pull requests, applying labels, checking status, and closing issues wherever it looks appropriate. If we have enough attendees, we may use a breakout room.

Attending the Zoom meeting, though not required for participating contributors, means you get to commiserate with other Flux community members in real time over issues in the queue. We will not likely be able to dwell on any individual issue for much longer than 2-5 minutes to keep the pace of progress moving at our event. Our artifacts for coordination will be published where everyone can see them (GitHub issues, milestones, Drive spreadsheet, public Slack conversations), and we will help shape and inform the roadmap of Flux for future development efforts.

Not every issue will get a response from us but we will try to hit every issue with an Emoji in our spreadsheet, to signal what state we found it in, whether it can be moved ahead, and if it needs attention or is blocked somehow. These notes will carry forward to the next Bug Scrub event, insofar as any issues we visit are still open next time.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you there! 🎈