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Flux at KubeCon EU 2022

Team Flux is going to have a big presence at KubeCon EU 2022. We very much look forward to meeting you in-person in Valencia and online. Find all the relevant information in here: who to meet there, all the relevant talks and events, prizes and more. The Flux community is coming together again!

KubeCon in Valencia

We are so excited! KubeCon / CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 is happening 16-20 May 2022 in Valencia, Spain. Team Flux is going to be there and we are looking forward to meeting you in-person or in our virtual sessions, meetings and co-located events. πŸŽ‰

Update: 2022-05-16: We updated the details of the project meeting.

If you can’t make it to KubeCon

Many of us won’t be able to attend in-person this time around. Don’t worry, we have you covered! There will be lots of opportunities to meet Flux people online, see talks, discuss and learn from each other.

There’s just one thing you need to do to join: visit our Flux at KubeCon site and bookmark it. It lists all the talks and all events - everything Flux-related in one place.

Flux Events page

We are also going to have a Virtual Booth. This will allow you to talk to Flux people at all official booth times, we will have short talks, watch some of the talks together and bring like-minded people together. We can’t wait to meet you there.

Visit our Flux at KubeCon site and bookmark it now!

πŸŽ‰ Flex your Flux knowledge and win prizes! πŸŽ‰

If you are at KubeCon, this is your chance to get a limited edition T-shirt (while supplies last) and a chance to win a meeting with a Flux or Flagger maintainer!

Essentially what you need to do is

  1. Visit the "Flux Booth in the Project Pavilion"
  2. You will be given a Flux question, if you answer correctly, you will win a T-shirt
  3. If you answer an advanced question you will win a T-Shirt + an 1-hour meeting with a Flux maintainer (winners announced after KubeCon).
  4. Make sure you tweet using #flexyourflux

If you are entering virtually make sure you participate online by tweeting questions will be posted during KubeCon so keep an eye out for them !!!

Visit the Flux booth (we are number 6) in person for more info and follow #flexyourflux from the @fluxcd Twitter handle.

At KubeCon, watch out for these folks

Team Flux at KubeCon

There will be lots more of Team Flux in the crowds: contributors, advocates, friends, implementers and folks in adjacent communities we work a lot with. Find them at our physical booth or in all of the sessions listed below.

All right, how about these folks above? They will all give sessions, MC the events and coordinate all the things.

  • Priyanka “Pinky” Ravi has been speaking about her experience as a DevOps Engineer a lot lately. She gathered a lot of experience working at a large insurance institution and helped them transition to Flux and GitOps. Since then she has been a recurring guest at Weave Online User Group, GitOps Days and elsewhere.
  • Stefan Prodan is the creator of Flagger and has been a core maintainer of Flux since Weaveworks donated the project to CNCF. He is a maintainer of SMI and he's been part of Team Flux for 4+ years already. He is also the owner of a very cute dog.
  • Scott Rigby is a maintainer of Flux and Helm, and one of the chairs of OpenGitOps. He knows the ecosystem very well, contributed a lot to all these projects and was one of the driving forces behind Flux Governance.
  • Philips Laine is a core maintainer of Flux as well and among other things founded the terraform-provider-flux project.
  • Vanessa Abankwah is pulling all the strings behind the scenes. Not only did she organise all of our presence at KubeCon, but lots and lots of meetups and events where Team Flux was present.
  • Max Jonas Werner is a core maintainer of Flux as well and makes sure that Flux works great in D2iQ’s DKP platform. Apart from that he is interested in landing OCI support in Flux and loads more.

Everyone is looking forward to meeting you! πŸ’–

This is what is happening at KubeCon

Monday, 16 May

13:00 - 17:00 (Room 2H - Event Center): Flux Project Meeting: We will kick off the Flux get-togethers and festivities with an in-person meeting for all Flux users, contributors, maintainers and generally interested folks. This will be an opportunity to get to know each other, have a chat and see what people’s interests are. ( Sign up here.) Contact people on the ground are: Scott Rigby, Priyanka Ravi and Stefan Prodan.


  • 13:00 Meet and greet
  • 13:30 Intro to GitOps and Flux lightning talk + Q&A with Pinky
  • 14:00 Flux’s Top 10 Features with Stefan Prodan + Q&A/office hours
  • 15:00 Open topics. We can do office hours or mix and match with lightning talks on Flux + Helm, Flux + Terraform, Flux + HashiCorp Vault, Flux + Visual Studio Code, etc. Whatever people want.

Click here to register ( here) for the Flux Project Meeting. (Free, in-person, no special ticket required)

Details Flux Project Meeting

Monday, May 16, 13:00 - 17:00 CEST

Room 2H | Event Center

Space is limited Please note: we will not have any live streaming, recordings, or any virtual component available for this meeting.

Tuesday 17 May - GitOpsCon

Lots and lots of talks about GitOps in general and Flux in particular, here’s a short selection of what to look forward to:

Wednesday 18 May - Friday May 20 - KubeCon

Over these three days we are going to be at the Flux booth (both virtually and on the ground), so come over for a chat. We are planning loads of talks, demos and ample time to have a chat, get to know everyone, ask questions and have great new ideas together!

On top of that, here is a list of talks, workshops and sessions during those days:

Please note: all of the above might be subject to change. Please double-check the schedule beforehand. Please reach out to Vanessa Abankwah or Daniel Holbach on Slack if you have questions.

We very much look forward to seeing you there! πŸ’–

What’s to come after KubeCon

GitOps Days!
June 8-9, 2022

Don’t miss this free, 2-day online event on June 8-9 (2 weeks after KubeCon). This is THE event for your GitOps Journey! Getting started? Taking GitOps to the next level? We’ll cover all of the steps for your success!

Come hear from speakers like Taylor Dolezal (CNCF), AnaΓ―s Urlichs (Aqua Security, CNCF Ambassador), Viktor Farcic (Upbound/Crossplane), Mae Large (VMware), Rosemary Wang (HashiCorp), Jason Morgan (Buoyant/Linkerd), and so many more!


  • Talks and tutorials on how to get started with Kubernetes and GitOps
  • Talks from Flux users about their use cases
  • How to do GitOps securely
  • Platforms that offer GitOps: Microsoft Arc Kubernetes, AWS Anywhere, Weave GitOps, D2iQ Kubernetes Platform, and more! all using Flux!
  • Flux in the CNCF and the GitOps Ecosystem
  • Flux support and Integrations: Flux + Helm, Terraform, HashiCorp Vault, Jenkins, OpenShift, Visual Studio Code, and much much more!
  • Technical deep dives with Flux maintainers

Register today!