Flux Adopters

Add yourself to the list of adopters of Flux.

So you and your organisation are using Flux? That’s great. We would love to hear from you! 💖

Adding yourself

Each YAML file in this directory lists the organisations who adopted the specific project in production. So if you use

  • Flux or the GitOps Toolkit controllers, you are looking for 1-flux-v2.yaml
  • Flagger, it’s 2-flagger.yaml
  • Flux (legacy) or Helm Operator, take a look at 3-flux-v1.yaml
    Note: Flux Legacy and Helm Operator have reached their EOL and have been archived.

You just need to add an entry for your company and upon merging it will automatically be added to our website.

To add your organisation follow these steps:

  1. Fork the fluxcd/website repository.

  2. Clone it locally with git clone https://github.com/<YOUR-GH-USERNAME>/website.git.

  3. (Optional) Add the logo of your organisation to static/img/logos. Good practice is for the logo to be called e.g. <company>.png.

  4. Find the right data/adopters/<project>.yaml file as indicated above.

  5. Add an entry to the YAML file with the name of your organisation, url that links to its website, and the path to the logo. Example:

        - name: Xenit
          url: https://xenit.se/
          logo: logos/xenit.png

    You can just add to the end of the file, we already sort alphabetically by name of organisation.

  6. Save the file, then do git add -A and commit using git commit -s -m "Add MY-ORG to adopters" (commit signoff is required, see DCO).

  7. Push the commit with git push origin main.

  8. Open a Pull Request to fluxcd/website and a preview build will turn up.

Thanks a lot for being part of our community - we very much appreciate it!


/static/img/logos/logo-generic.png is a slightly modified Flux logo, it is used when no organisation logo is provided.