Flux CLI

The Flux Command-Line Interface documentation.

The Flux CLI is available as a binary executable for all major platforms, the binaries can be downloaded form GitHub releases page.

Install using package management

With Homebrew:

brew install fluxcd/tap/flux

With GoFish:

gofish install flux

With Homebrew:

brew install fluxcd/tap/flux

With yay:

yay -S flux-bin

With nix-env:

nix-env -i fluxcd

With GoFish:

gofish install flux

With Chocolatey:

choco install flux

With GoFish:

gofish install flux

Install using Bash

To install the latest release on Linux, macOS or Windows WSL:

curl -s https://fluxcd.io/install.sh | sudo bash

The install script does the following:

  • attempts to detect your OS
  • downloads, verifies and unpacks the release tar file in a temporary directory
  • copies the flux binary to /usr/local/bin
  • removes the temporary directory

Install using Docker

A container image with kubectl and flux is available on DockerHub and GitHub:

  • docker.io/fluxcd/flux-cli:<version>
  • ghcr.io/fluxcd/flux-cli:<version>

Example usage:

$ docker run -it --entrypoint=sh -v ~/.kube/config:/kubeconfig ghcr.io/fluxcd/flux-cli:v0.17.0 
/ # flux check --kubeconfig=kubeconfig

Enable shell autocompletion

To configure your shell to load flux bash completions add to your profile:

. <(flux completion bash)

zsh, fish, and powershell are also supported with their own sub-commands.


flux bootstrap

flux bootstrap git

flux bootstrap github

flux bootstrap gitlab

flux check

flux completion

flux completion bash

flux completion fish

flux completion powershell

flux completion zsh

flux create

flux create alert

flux create alert-provider

flux create helmrelease

flux create image

flux create image policy

flux create image repository

flux create image update

flux create kustomization

flux create receiver

flux create secret

flux create secret git

flux create secret helm

flux create secret tls

flux create source

flux create source bucket

flux create source git

flux create source helm

flux create tenant

flux delete

flux delete alert

flux delete alert-provider

flux delete helmrelease

flux delete image

flux delete image policy

flux delete image repository

flux delete image update

flux delete kustomization

flux delete receiver

flux delete source

flux delete source bucket

flux delete source git

flux delete source helm

flux export

flux export alert

flux export alert-provider

flux export helmrelease

flux export image

flux export image policy

flux export image repository

flux export image update

flux export kustomization

flux export receiver

flux export source

flux export source bucket

flux export source git

flux export source helm

flux get

flux get alert-providers

flux get alerts

flux get all

flux get helmreleases

flux get images

flux get images all

flux get images policy

flux get images repository

flux get images update

flux get kustomizations

flux get receivers

flux get sources

flux get sources all

flux get sources bucket

flux get sources chart

flux get sources git

flux get sources helm

flux install

flux logs

flux reconcile

flux reconcile alert

flux reconcile alert-provider

flux reconcile helmrelease

flux reconcile image

flux reconcile image repository

flux reconcile image update

flux reconcile kustomization

flux reconcile receiver

flux reconcile source

flux reconcile source bucket

flux reconcile source git

flux reconcile source helm

flux resume

flux resume alert

flux resume helmrelease

flux resume image

flux resume image repository

flux resume image update

flux resume kustomization

flux resume receiver

flux resume source

flux resume source bucket

flux resume source chart

flux resume source git

flux resume source helm

flux suspend

flux suspend alert

flux suspend helmrelease

flux suspend image

flux suspend image repository

flux suspend image update

flux suspend kustomization

flux suspend receiver

flux suspend source

flux suspend source bucket

flux suspend source chart

flux suspend source git

flux suspend source helm

flux trace

flux uninstall

flux version

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