flux get sources helm

flux get sources helm

Get HelmRepository source statuses


The get sources helm command prints the status of the HelmRepository sources.

flux get sources helm [flags]


  # List all Helm repositories and their status
  flux get sources helm

 # List Helm repositories from all namespaces
  flux get sources helm --all-namespaces


  -h, --help   help for helm

Options inherited from parent commands

  -A, --all-namespaces           list the requested object(s) across all namespaces
      --context string           kubernetes context to use
      --kubeconfig string        absolute path to the kubeconfig file
  -n, --namespace string         the namespace scope for this operation (default "flux-system")
      --no-header                skip the header when printing the results
      --status-selector string   specify the status condition name and the desired state to filter the get result, e.g. ready=false
      --timeout duration         timeout for this operation (default 5m0s)
      --verbose                  print generated objects
  -w, --watch                    After listing/getting the requested object, watch for changes.