flux uninstall

flux uninstall

Uninstall Flux and its custom resource definitions


The uninstall command removes the Flux components and the toolkit.fluxcd.io resources from the cluster.

flux uninstall [flags]


  # Uninstall Flux components, its custom resources and namespace
  flux uninstall --namespace=flux-system

  # Uninstall Flux but keep the namespace
  flux uninstall --namespace=infra --keep-namespace=true


      --dry-run          only print the objects that would be deleted
  -h, --help             help for uninstall
      --keep-namespace   skip namespace deletion
  -s, --silent           delete components without asking for confirmation

Options inherited from parent commands

      --context string      kubernetes context to use
      --kubeconfig string   absolute path to the kubeconfig file
  -n, --namespace string    the namespace scope for this operation (default "flux-system")
      --timeout duration    timeout for this operation (default 5m0s)
      --verbose             print generated objects


  • flux - Command line utility for assembling Kubernetes CD pipelines