Flux bootstrap for Google Cloud Source

How to bootstrap Flux with Google Cloud Source Repository

To install Flux on a GKE cluster using a Google Cloud Source repository as the source of truth, you can use the flux bootstrap git command.

Bootstrap over SSH

First create a new repository to hold your Flux install and other Kubernetes resources. Then generate a SSH key and add the SSH public key to your personal SSH keys on Google Cloud.

Run bootstrap using the SSH private key and passphrase:

flux bootstrap git \
  --url=ssh://<user>s@source.developers.google.com:2022/p/<project-name>/r/<repo-name> \
  --branch=<my-branch> \
  --private-key-file=<path/to/ssh/private.key> \
  --password=<key-passphrase> \

You can also pipe the passphrase e.g. echo key-passphrase | flux bootstrap git.

The SSH private key and the known hosts keys are stored in the cluster as a Kubernetes secret named flux-system inside the flux-system namespace.

Last modified 2023-08-17: Add bootstrap guides (f81dc81)