Flux bootstrap for Oracle VBS Git Repositories

How to bootstrap Flux with Oracle VBS Git Repositories

To install Flux on an OKE cluster using an Oracle VBS Git repository as the source of truth, you can use the flux bootstrap git command.

Oracle VBS PAT

For accessing the Oracle VBS, the boostrap command requires an Oracle VBS personal access token (PAT) with pull and push permissions for Git repositories.

Generate an Oracle VBS Access Token. And create a new repository to hold your Flux install and other Kubernetes resources.

The Oracle VBS PAT can be exported as an environment variable:

export GIT_PASSWORD=<vbs-token>

If the GIT_PASSWORD env var is not set, the bootstrap command will prompt you to type it the token.

You can also supply the token using a pipe e.g. echo "<vbs-token>" | flux bootstrap git.

Bootstrap using an Oracle VBS PAT

Run the bootstrap for a repository using token-based authentication:

flux bootstrap git \
  --with-bearer-token=true \
  --url=https://<vbs-repository-url> \
  --branch=my-branch \

When using --with-bearer-token, the CLI and the Flux controllers running on the cluster will use the Oracle VBS PAT to access the Git repository over HTTPS.

Note that the Oracle VBS PAT is stored in the cluster as a Kubernetes Secret named flux-system inside the flux-system namespace.