Flux Extensions and Integrations

These tools and integrations with Flux are available today.

To join this list, please

  • if you are an organisation: add yourself to the adopters page
  • file a PR on this file
  • (optional) find us on Slack and maybe let’s do joint blog posts, etc?

We are happy and proud to have you all as part of our community! ๐Ÿ’–

Flux Extensions

Source Description
pelotech/jsonnet-controller A Flux controller for managing manifests declared in jsonnet.


Source Description
fidelity/kraan Kraan is a Kubernetes Controller that manages the deployment of HelmReleases to a cluster.
microsoft/bedrock Automation for Production Kubernetes Clusters with a GitOps Workflow.
microsoft/fabrikate Making GitOps with Kubernetes easier one component at a time.
microsoft/gitops-connector A GitOps Connector integrates a GitOps operator with CI/CD orchestrator.
telekom/das-schiff This is home of Das Schiff - Deutsche Telekom Technik’s engine for Kubernetes Cluster as a Service (CaaS) in on-premise environment on top of bare-metal servers and VMs.
weaveworks/weave-gitops Weave GitOps enables an effective GitOps workflow for continuous delivery of applications into Kubernetes clusters.