Flux Extensions and Integrations

These tools and integrations with Flux are available today.

To join this list, please

  • if you are an organisation: add yourself to the adopters page
  • file a PR on this file
  • (optional) find us on Slack and maybe let’s do joint blog posts, etc?

We are happy and proud to have you all as part of our community! 💖

Flux Extensions

These projects extend Flux with new capabilities.

Source Description
pelotech/jsonnet-controller A Flux controller for managing manifests declared in jsonnet.


These projects make use of Flux to offer GitOps capabilities to their users.

Source Description
aws/eks-anywhere Amazon EKS Anywhere is an open-source deployment option for Amazon EKS that allows customers to create and operate Kubernetes clusters on-premises.
fidelity/kraan Kraan is a Kubernetes Controller that manages the deployment of HelmReleases to a cluster.
microsoft/bedrock Automation for Production Kubernetes Clusters with a GitOps Workflow.
microsoft/fabrikate Making GitOps with Kubernetes easier one component at a time.
microsoft/gitops-connector A GitOps Connector integrates a GitOps operator with CI/CD orchestrator.
telekom/das-schiff This is home of Das Schiff - Deutsche Telekom Technik’s engine for Kubernetes Cluster as a Service (CaaS) in on-premise environment on top of bare-metal servers and VMs.
weaveworks/eksctl The official CLI for creating and managing Kubernetes clusters on Amazon EKS.
weaveworks/weave-gitops Weave GitOps enables an effective GitOps workflow for continuous delivery of applications into Kubernetes clusters.