Upgrade Advisory

This documentation is for Flux (v1) and Helm Operator (v1). Both projects are in maintenance mode and will soon reach end-of-life. We strongly recommend you familiarise yourself with the newest Flux and start looking at your migration path.

For documentation regarding the latest Flux, please refer to this section.


Flux v1 Diagram

Flux is a tool that automatically ensures that the state of a cluster matches the config in git. It uses an operator in the cluster to trigger deployments inside Kubernetes, which means you don’t need a separate CD tool. It monitors all relevant image repositories, detects new images, triggers deployments and updates the desired running configuration based on that (and a configurable policy).

The benefits are: you don’t need to grant your CI access to the cluster, every change is atomic and transactional, git has your audit log. Each transaction either fails or succeeds cleanly. You’re entirely code centric and don’t need new infrastructure.

Get started

With the following tutorials:

Making use of Helm charts in your cluster? Combine Flux with the Helm Operator to declaratively manage chart releases using HelmRelease custom resources.

For progressive delivery patterns like Canary Releases, A/B Testing and Blue/Green, Flux can be used together with Flagger.

Getting help

If you have any questions about Flux and continuous delivery:

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