Upgrade Advisory

This documentation is for Flux (v1) and Helm Operator (v1). Both projects are in maintenance mode and will soon reach end-of-life. We strongly recommend you familiarise yourself with the newest Flux and start looking at your migration path.

For documentation regarding the latest Flux, please refer to this section.


You’ll need a working go environment version >= 1.11 (official releases are built against 1.13). It’s also expected that you have a Docker daemon for building images.

Clone the repository. The project uses Go Modules, so if you explicitly define $GOPATH you should clone somewhere else.

Then, from the root directory:


This makes Docker images, and installs binaries to $GOBIN (if you define it) or $(go env GOPATH)/bin.

Running tests

# Unit tests
make test

# End-to-end tests
make e2e