Upgrade Advisory

This documentation is for Flux (v1) and Helm Operator (v1). Both projects are in maintenance mode and will soon reach end-of-life. We strongly recommend you familiarise yourself with the newest Flux and start looking at your migration path.

For documentation regarding the latest Flux, please refer to this section.

Requirements and limitations

Flux has some requirements of the files it finds in your git repo.

  • Flux can only deal with one such repo at a time. This limitation is technical and may go away.

  • Flux only deals with YAML files at present. It tries to preserve comments and whitespace in YAMLs when updating them. You may see updates with incidental, harmless changes, like reindented blocks.

  • Flux will ignore directories that look like Helm charts, to avoid applying templated YAML manifests. A directory will be skipped if its contents include the files Chart.yaml and values.yaml, as these are the (only) mandatory components of a Helm chart.

It is not a requirement that the files are arranged in any particular way into directories. Flux will look in subdirectories for YAML files recursively, but does not infer any meaning from the directory structure.

Flux uses the Docker Registry API to collect metadata about the images running in the cluster. This comes with at least one limitation:

  • Since Flux runs in a container in your cluster, it may not be able to resolve all hostnames that you or Kubernetes can resolve. In particular, it won’t be able to get image metadata for images in a private image registry that’s made available at localhost.