Flux Security

This document defines security reporting, handling, and disclosure information for the Flux project and community.

Report a Vulnerability

We’re very thankful for – and if desired happy to credit – security researchers and users who report vulnerabilities to the Flux community.

  • To make a report please email the private security list at cncf-flux-security@lists.cncf.io with the details. We ask that reporters act in good faith by not disclosing the issue to others.
  • You may, but are not required to, encrypt your email to this list using the PGP keys of Security Team members, listed below.
  • The Security Team will fix the issue as soon as possible and coordinate a release date with you.
  • You will be able to choose if you want public acknowledgement of your effort and how you would like to be credited.

Security Team

Current Security Team members:

Name GitHub Key URL Fingerprint
Scott Rigby @scottrigby https://keybase.io/r6by/pgp_keys.asc 208D D36E D5BB 3745 A167 43A4 C7C6 FBB5 B91C 1155
Hidde Beydals @hiddeco https://keybase.io/hidde/pgp_keys.asc C910 7A9B 55A4 DD77 062B 9731 B6E3 6A6A C54A CD59


  • All reports are thoroughly investigated by the Security Team.
  • Any vulnerability information shared with the Security Team will not be shared with others unless it is necessary to fix the issue. Information is shared only on a need to know basis.
  • As the security issue moves through the identification and resolution process, the reporter will be notified.
  • Additional questions about the vulnerability may also be asked of the reporter.


Vulnerability disclosures are emailed to the Flux Dev mailing list https://lists.cncf.io/g/cncf-flux-dev and announced publicly. Disclosures will contain an overview, details about the vulnerability, a fix that will typically be an update, and optionally a workaround if one is available.

We prefer to fully disclose the vulnerability as soon as possible once a user mitigation is available. Disclosures will be published on the same day as a release fixing the vulnerability, after the release is published.